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an approach to manage the IR35 risk through substitution

Helping contractors and their clients meet the most difficult test of the IR35 legislation

Our services will address the heart of the IR35 issue, by tackling the problem with substitution head-on. Whilst being mindful of the challenges that you and your clients will encounter in the process of substitution, we will pave a middle ground that suits you both. This will help you create an unassailable defence against any challenges to your contract engagements. In turn, clients will be more assured engaging you outside IR35.


Assure your clients you will exercise your unfettered right of substitution responsibly with minimal disruption.



Demonstrate to your client, HMRC and tribunals that you understand what it takes to substitute your service


Execute your right of substitution with the highest level of the professionalism and care, your clients deserve

Substitution is NOT practical

We expect many of our readers to think so. In its currently talked form, thats probably a fair assessment. However, we are working on democratising substitutions. So, this wont remain true for long.

While you wait for our services to be fully available, why not download our white paper on 13 scenarios that you may encounter in your project life that are great trigger points to initiate a substitution conversation with your client.

Call for client organisations

Are you a client of contractors worried about the April 2020 changes?

Do you wish to operate in a compliant manner with mimimum of fuss, and also become a “client of choice” for the whole of the contracting market. Drop us a line at Be assured we have nothing to sell to you. Only that your feedback will help us shape our service offerings, and in the process you may get the silver bullet IR35 defence you have been longing for.